Taxation Services in Devon

Tax held and advice in Devon

Tax Deadline

Despite the promises of numerous Chancellors of the Exchequer over the years to simplify Tax legislation, each new Budget seems to muddy the waters further, rather than to clarify things.
Invariably planning in advance is essential to ensure that your tax burden is minimised. A short telephone call to us to discuss your plans prior to commencing a course of action can often save substantial amounts in tax.
We advise on all aspects of taxation and where we do not have the answer to complex situations immediately to hand, we have access to experts in all areas of taxation at the end of a telephone and can research the situation and respond to your questions promptly.
Whilst we will adopt a robust stance with H M Revenue & Customs whenever necessary in defending our clients’ position, we maintain an excellent working relationship with the Tax and VAT offices, which sometimes enables us to talk around an impasse to reach a satisfactory conclusion to complex issues.

Tax Minimisation Review

Every well advised taxpayer should aim to legitimately keep their tax bill as low as possible. To ensure that as many taxpayers as possible have access to sound tax planning advice, Stevens & Willey have launched a free
“Tax Minimisation Review” to assist you to pay no more than your fair share of the tax burden.

If you wish to ensure that you pay no more than you have to, please contact us for a free review by ‘phoning Ian Mansford on 01271 321621 or by e-mailing

Tax Investigations

These are unfortunately a fact of life. The Self Assessment regime is based on the principle of the Taxpayer “Self Assessing” their liabilities and H M Revenue & Customs “policing” the system. This inevitably results in a small proportion of all Tax Returns being looked at in detail each year.

We have found the number of in-depth tax enquiries has reduced in recent years, but at the same time there has been an increase in the smaller scale “Aspect” enquiries. We are experienced in dealing with both types of tax investigation.

An enquiry into your tax affairs can be an unpleasant and intrusive experience and we strive to deal with matters as sensitively and promptly as possible.

The necessary time, and therefore the cost, of satisfying a Revenue Inspector can be extensive and we therefore have the availability of TaxSure Fees Protection Insurance. Whilst this does not cover any additional tax payable as a result of any irregularities uncovered by an inspection, it does cover the cost of our fees to defend your position.

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