Cloud Software for Accounting

cloud accounting software

The main benefits of using Cloud Software for Accounting solutions are:-

We can recommend a Cloud Software for Accounting package which suits your needs.


Easy Access –

easy access cloud software for accountingMake where ever, one word, ‘wherever’ and insert ’the’ at end of first sentence to read  ‘at any time of the day’

Cost Effective

cost effective using cloud software for accountingEnrolment to use a cloud based software solutions will involve a monthly or quarterly membership fee of between £10-£20 plus vat per month depending on the provider and / or package you choose.  This helps you control costs as you essentially ‘pay as you go’, rather than having large upfront software costs and then annual support or upgrade costs.  You will always be using the latest most up to date version of the software, without having to buy regular upgrades.

Book-keeping and VAT

book keeping with cloud software at stevens and willey accountants north devonOnce you have the system, you may wish to manage it yourself, or you will have the choice of tasking our firm to operate the book-keeping and allocate the transaction on your behalf.  We will also able (once authorised by yourself) to log-in to your system, review your postings, correct any errors and prepare your VAT returns if you are VAT registered.    When it comes to preparing your year end accounts, we will also be able to extract the data from the system, which so long as it has been managed correctly, may result in a lower annual charge for preparation of the accounts and tax work.

Up to date

up to date accounting with cloud softwareNot only will you always be using the latest software, but having quick and easy online access means that you are more likely to keep your bookkeeping records and invoicing up to date.  Cloud software helps you manage income and expenses, providing quick and easy to understand charts to monitor your expenditure enabling you to keep a tight control.  It will also highlight any sales invoices that remain unpaid so you can keep an eye on cash flow and remind your customers to settle your sales invoices on a timely basis.

Automatic Bank Feeds

online banking link to your cloud softwareSome software packages offer a link to your online bank account and will upload the transactions direct from the bank avoiding the need to manually input the entries.  This will not only reduce the data input time and minimise errors, but it will also mean that your bank balance in your accounting records will always reconcile with your actual bank account.  The intuitive software is also capable of learning from your previous postings and should automatically allocate subsequent transactions to the same heading.

Automatic Back Up

automatic back up on cloud softwareYou can be happy in the knowledge that the company providing the software have taken regular back-ups of your data.  One less thing to worry about.  Should you have PC problems, your data will be safe and unaffected.


 Interested and want to find out more? Then contact us today and we will be happy to discuss what cloud software can be tailored to your needs. Cloud software enables you to keep control of your accounting at any time and anywhere. Call us today 01271 321621